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3 Tips to Help Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

women with broken heartHi. My name’s Gillian and let me start off by saying I’m sorry that you’ve found your way to my site today. Sorry because it means that you’re dealing with a break up. Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Not only have I gone through a very painful break up or two in my past (I’m happily married to one of my ex boyfriends now ) but I’m also a skilled relationship advisor who is ready, willing and eager to help you.

I’ve been in the place you are now. I know how hard it is to think of anything but your ex boyfriend and how to win back the man. You can’t sleep, you struggle to focus on your work and you replay the last moments of your relationship over and over again in your mind.

Before we go any further you need to ask yourself whether you’re certain you want the man back or whether you’re just feeling lonely and afraid. Be honest – don’t jump back into something just because you’re scared of being alone. If you truly miss him deeply, then read on and find out the three tips you need to follow in order to win back your ex boyfriend starting today!

Tip # 1. Pull yourself together! As much as it feels as though your world has come to a screeching halt since the split, it really hasn’t. Time is missing ex boyfriendstill going to move forward and you’re still going to have to face each day as it comes. Your friends are still there for you, your family is there to support you and your responsibilities need tending. If you can shift some of your focus from your ex boyfriend unto yourself and your own needs, you’re going to be ahead of the game. You have to pull yourself together emotionally if you have any chance of picking up the broken pieces of your relationship and putting it back together again. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re vibrant, desirable and interesting. Pick yourself up and move forward, beginning today. You’ll feel better if you’re in control of yourself again. A bit of time with friends, a hike or even a new project at work can all help you see that you’re valuable, worthwhile and someone any man would love to have in his life.

Tip #2. Stop living in the past. Despite the fact that you think non-stop about the end of your relationship, you can’t change it at this point. Whatever transpired between you and your ex and whatever you two said to one another, can’t be erased. That’s simply not the way the universe works. You can make a new beginning for yourself, and in turn for you and your boyfriend, but you have to start with putting the past behind you. As difficult as it is to not wish things were different, each moment that you focus on the broken bond between you two, is a wasted moment of your life. Look at a reunion as a new beginning and start focusing on that instead. Don’t become obsessed with those thoughts though as that won’t prove helpful. Instead, know within that you made mistakes, that you’re now more mature and aware of what is required to make a relationship work and that you’re ready to share that insight with your boyfriend when the time is right.

Tip #3. Be a great friend to your ex boyfriend. Probably the last thing you want at this point is to be just a friend to your ex. That’s not how you envision a future with him, is it? Getting back together after a serious break up generally takes several steps, including building a new bond with your lost partner. Although many men will gladly jump back into a romantic relationship with their ex girlfriend right away, many won’t. If your ex isn’t ready for anything too serious, it’s vital that you don’t push him before he gives you the indication that he wants more. The ideal way to stay connected to him is to forge ahead with a platonic friendship. The reason this can be so helpful is actually very simple. If you show your ex that you want to be a part of his life, even if that means being “just friends” with him he’ll see you as someone who is genuinely looking out for his best interests and isn’t necessarily trying to win him back. Eventually, he’ll start to view you in the same light as he has in the past and all those qualities that drew him to you in the first place will start pulling at his heartstrings again.

Love the second time around can be much more fulfilling and satisfying than the first. The two of you will be more mature and more importantly, you’ll be more aware of what you can do to fulfill the needs of your ex, just as he’ll be better qualified to fulfill what your heart needs too. 

Check out some great advice from Ashley Kay in the video below!


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