Surprising Techniques to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back!

win back your ex boyfriendIf you’ve been eagerly searching for an answer to the question of how do you get your man back, you already know that every person has their own answer. Some people will tell you that the best way to win back his heart is to make him seethe with jealousy. Others swear by the idea of writing him a long, apologetic and overly romantic letter professing your undying love and devotion. They both seem like they’d work, don’t they? I’m here to tell you they won’t. They will only prove to be a waste of very precious time.

The number one mistake women make when they are trying to win back their ex boyfriend is they approach the problem from an emotional place. It’s hard not to do this but you have to push those emotions aside and come at this from a purely logical place. As much as your heart is begging for a second chance with the man you adore, you need to let your head take the lead.

The first step you absolutely must take if you have any hope of getting back the man you love is to accept the break up. This is the step I struggled with the most when the man I adored decided he wanted “space.” I fought him tooth and nail over the break up including begging with him to take me back. I called him repeatedly several times a day for weeks and I even sent him flowers trying to get him to see how serious I was about needing him in my life. It was all for naught. He wanted very little to do with me and he even told one of our mutual friends that I was pathetic. That’s when I knew I had to change what I was doing dramatically.

If you can find the internal strength to accept that for now you two are broken up, you’ll give yourself an advantage when it comes to getting him to want to be with you again. The moment you stop trying to get him back, you are silently showing him that you have more self worth i got my ex boyfriend backthan he ever imagined you did. You’re also showing him very clearly that you are going to be fine without him in your life. That realization, by any man, is often enough to push him to want you back again. Men are drawn to those things that are just out of their reach and if your ex boyfriend feels that you fall into that category, he’ll start pulling out all the stops to get you back again.

You’ve also got to stop talking with him once the break up has happened. As much as we all believe that the only real way to win someone back is to convince them by begging and pleading, this doesn’t work. What does work is making that person miss you. You can’t accomplish this if you are constantly trying to contact them. Although it’s hard not to reach out to him you can do it. Plan a busy schedule for yourself so you’re less temped to pick up the phone. Some women find it helpful to enlist the aid of a friend to hang out with or to take a short trip with. Each day that passes, without you contacting him will be another day closer to you two getting back together. Once he feels the void in his life from your absence, you’ll hear from him.

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2 Comments on Surprising Techniques to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back!

  1. lolly
    March 28, 2014 at 9:50 am (4 years ago)

    His my baby daddy that’s the problem, I always ignore him but he keeps calling to ask about our boy. And that’s something I can’t take away from him. So that’s what’s happening everytime he sees its been long since we talked he calls should I start ignoring his calls too ..? Cause I swear he just uses our child as an excuse to hear my voice. Because after all I do not live my child he lives with his granny.

  2. Amaka
    March 30, 2014 at 7:09 am (4 years ago)

    I luv my guy so much,i cald him nd told him of his bad behaviour,ignoring me,dnt cal nor care for me.i asked if he stil wnts 2 push forward wit d relationship,he said dat he is tired nd nt comfortable wit d relationship anlonger,dat i nags alot,bt he has nt given me the reply of breakup yet,he said dat he shal get bk 2 me 4 dat,pls wot shuld i do nw i dnt wnt 2 loss him?